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Tesla’s Speed Bumps on the road to Automation

Tesla’s autopilot team has had quite a few disruptions in the past year. They have lost three executives, lost one critical supplier, and have basically restructured their entire automation department in the process. All of this comes amidst some tough deadlines, as Tesla has announced they want to have a fully autonomous vehicle by the end of this year.  Sometimes, restructuring can bring attention to details previously unseen.

IKEA’s Better Shelter

One of the most iconic furniture designers and retailers, IKEA, has done it again. Their new product, Better Shelter, has won the Beazley Design of the year award. The is aimed at helping displaced Syrian refugees, is entirely waterproof, made out of recycled plastic, includes a rooftop solar panel, and is large enough to accommodate a family of five. IKEA already had the means and technology to accomplish this product, it was just a shift in thinking that brought it to life.

The Introspective Truck

All of the major truck manufacturers have been betting big on connected vehicle technologies, and it seems most of them are doubling down. OnCommand Connection, Navistar’s connected-truck solution, is experimenting with over-the-air programming, or essentially being able to allow a mechanic access to a trucks ECU from thousands of miles away. These technologies seek to monitor the health of vehicles in real time, with the goal of increasing uptime along with a score of other things.

Lidl has Arrived: Mid-Atlantic Grocers prepare for a Hit

Lidl is here, and it’s about to cause some serious waves in the mid-Atlantic grocery market. Lidl, the German retailer and fierce rival of Aldi, last week made its entry into the US market with the opening of 20 stores and plans to have 100 by 2018. Why are grocers so worried? Lidl is 90% private label and has every store has been designed individually based on its location and unique consumers. Lidl is confident, and the market is nervous.

Vista Global Logistics joins the SCS family

We’ve got a new member of the Supply Chain Solutions family, and it’s a perfect fit. We just announced that we have acquired Vista Global Logistics, a company based in Algonquin, Illinois, and we are excited to welcome Vista CEO Jeffrey Ozburn and his team into the SCS family.

How will the Next Generation buy Furniture?

Furniture. Do you think it’s about to get a consumer makeover like the fashion Industry? Companies like Amazon are reinforcing an instant gratification movement, entirely focused on being faster, cheaper, and having a better selection. How can the slow-moving furniture industry prepare for start up mindsets that align with today's consumer's “on to the next” personalities? Step one is having a better supply chain. You need to be agile. You need to be lean. And you need clear communication throughout the entire chain. Call us, let’s make sure you’re up to…