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The Importance of Simple Ingredient Labeling

Food manufacturers need to make sure their labeling is in line with consumer demands or face diminished sales. A recent survey of consumers showed some startling results: 35% of consumers don’t buy foods with ingredients they don’t understand, and 54% are willing to switch brands and pay more for foods with easier to comprehend ingredients. 

The Auto Industry Gains More Radar

The FCC just took another major step forward in their acceptance and preparation for driverless technology in granting the auto industry a substantially larger spectrum of radar frequencies. The legislation was aimed at the aviation and automobile industries and was partially passed due to a 2016 initiative to make collision avoidance braking systems standard by 2022. The larger spectrum will directly improve “range separation, range accuracy, angular accuracy, and [allow for] more reliable object discrimination.”

Online Mattress Brands Are Making the Move into Brick and Mortar: Can They Really Compete?

Brands like Casper and Purple have dominated the online mattress marketplace and have captured the hearts and wallets of many of their prospects, but as they make a move into brick and mortar mattress retail stores, will these brands still stand out? The move will test these online companies in more ways than one. The e-commerce realm has vastly different logistics needs than the brick and mortar one. Not only will the product come into more direct competition, but so will their operations.

Walmart Has a Healthy Lead in Fresh Online Grocery Sales

People have been starting to make the switch to online grocery shopping, and Walmart has a strong lead in a critical category: Fresh groceries. The study compiled by Field Agent compared the online food sales of Jet, Amazon, Target, and Walmart, in multiple different categories, and found that when it came to fresh foods, Jet and Amazon were in last, while Walmart and Target did substantially better. This sort of data has certainly become valuable with the entry of Amazon into the brick and mortar world, especially since Walmart’s strong lead in fresh food was a direct result of its…

Amazon’s Latest Fulfillment Solution

Why is a company as large as Amazon still coming up with some of the most bizarre and innovative solutions to problems we all face? Is their enormous value protecting them from the fear of failure, allowing them to follow paths that most other companies wouldn’t? Take their latest idea, the underwater warehouse. We think this idea is so cool, but we don’t understand it from a practical standpoint. Maybe using inshore lakes would allow Amazon to channel the traditional costs of building a warehouse into the increased costs associated with underwater storage? Amazon claims traditional…

UPS Price Increase for Holidays

You know that UPS is going to be charging you MORE for shipping during November and December this year, don't you? UPS recently announced on their website that they would be including a surcharge on any package sent during the holidays this year. Since the explosion of e-commerce, shipping during peak times has become exponentially more expensive, and without significant infrastructure updates, those costs are expected to continue rising. UPS’s announcement comes after last year's record-shattering Black Friday sales of $3.45 Billion and should signal another record-breaking year to…

Furnitures Future Hinges on Their Acceptance of the Future

Imagine the furniture industry for a moment: It is not an easy business. They are dealing with increased costs, smaller margins, tighter lead times, and consumers demanding more customization. How can a company succeed given all of these massive obstacles? First and foremost, furniture companies need to embrace the latest technology and manufacturing techniques, but in a close second, they need to thoughtfully manage their supply and inventory. Call us; we are well versed in the furniture industry's unique logistics challenges.

The Takata Crisis Highlights the Importance of Supply Chain Visibility

One thing the automotive industry has had to hone throughout their many years is the industries incredibly complex supply chain. Suppliers can number in the hundreds, and the slightest problem with one of their products can spell disaster for the whole system. Takata, while not a subtle example, does portray the risks in maintaining so many supplier relationships. With the number of recalls growing by the day, one can only imagine the reverse logistics nightmare these companies are coming to embrace as they each embark on separate recalls. With that said, we are very experienced at…

Chinese Consumers Are Demanding Healthier Foods; Ahead of Schedule.

Did you know pork consumption in China has fallen to record lows for each of the past three years? Dumpling manufacturers have a pretty good idea of why. A growing concern of an association between meat consumption and heart problems is driving many of the country’s white collar and urban workers away from the previous staple. China consumes about 74 million tons of pork, beef, and poultry each year, that’s double what the United States consume's, and more than 37 tons of which is attributed exclusively to pork. The slump in sales has caused the average price of a hog to fall…

Amazon’s Latest Patent Takes Control of Customers In-Store Buying Cycle

Amazon’s latest patent seems like a technology that should have been around long ago. The patent title calls it “Physical Store Online Shopping Control,” and that is exactly what it does. it controls what you can see on your smartphone while connected to their Wi-Fi. But not only that, it can alert nearby associates what you are searching for and prompt them to come assist you. The core idea is preventing you from price shopping, yet with the acquisition of a notably high price grocery outlet, why would this technology really matter to at this time?   Patrick Donohue Squawker