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Will NAFTA Survive 2018?

It isn’t a stretch to say that the NAFTA talks this year have made little to no progress. The most recent talks are finishing up today in Washington yet no new chapters have been completed, and nearly all of the toughest issues have been pushed off to later dates - With all this turmoil, it's essential that your NAFTA Origins are complete and correct. Contact us today, and let's make sure you’re not at risk for any significant fines.

Two of the Nations Busiest Ports Are Paving the Way to a Greener Future

Did you know back in November the Boards of both the Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports approved a multi-billion dollar plan taking major operational steps to drastically reduce emissions? The goal would be to transition all terminal equipment to zero emissions by 2030, but as a stepping stone, ports will be required to use the cleanest available/feasible equipment by 2020.

Record Cyber Monday Sales Leave UPS Scrambling

Did you know less than 90% of UPS’s shipments arrived onetime last week? That is in comparison to 99.4% of FedEx's. With the over 10% increase in e-commerce sales this year compared to last, some logistics companies have had a hard time keeping up.

The Power of Procurement: A Lesson from McCormick & Company

McCormick’s & Company has been setting a new standard for the way a procurement department can and should operate. The spice company, about five years ago, decided to redesign the procurement department in an effort to better support their global growth strategy and the results have been phenomenal - 250% improved costs! Learn about their team's transformation now!

Amazon Points to USPS as Reason for Amazon Fresh Problems

Heard of Amazon Fresh? It’s a grocery delivery service that underwent a massive scale back last month. The service was initially pitched as an “order your groceries in the morning, get them by the evening” program. Sounds like a great idea, yet apparently, it wasn’t working as well as customers expected, and Amazon is blaming the USPS for its failure.