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CDI Furniture Has Gone All in on Reclaimed Wood

CDI Furniture is betting big on reclaimed wood. The company's 27-year-old CEO has chosen to target primarily millennials with his wood creations, and believes the demographic's high valuation of sustainable products will propel his brand ahead of his mass manufacturing competitors. With operations ranging from Vietnam and India to Montreal, it's important that a company like CDI has a robust supply chain in order to remain competitive, but moreover, profitable.

Dallas Fort Worth Warehouse Construction Slows as Demand Increases

The Dallas Fort Worth area is about to have a major shortage of warehouse space: Between now and Q1 of last year there has been a 40% reduction in the construction of warehouses due to land restrictions. That being said we currently have space available In Dallas Fort Worth! Call now and secure your spot before our rates increase!

Japan’s Grocery Store with Wheels

Ever heard of Moby? Not the singer, but the 24-hour mobile grocery store with no employees! Moby is solar powered, self-driving, and is set to be produced and officially roaming the streets of Japan by 2018. The store is connected to its customers via an app, which allows users to place custom orders, track the location of the store, and make purchases.

The Fate of Parking in Cities: Solution Search or Forced Adoption

As a solutions company, it is also great to learn what other companies and even cites do to deal with their every day and upcoming problems. For cities, parking is becoming a great example. There is a push for cleaner streets in urban areas. Cities like Seattle, encourage underground parking and are making it more and more difficult to build towering parking structures.

To Amazon or Not to Amazon… A Retailers Question

In June, Nike entered a partnership with Amazon, allowing them to have more control over their brand’s presence on the Amazon’s marketplace. While the Nike’s deal was significant, linking arms with with massive e-tailer has become a trend of sorts in the retail world that is worrying analysts and competitors alike.

Neiman Marcus on Innovation

Have you heard of iLab? Of course you haven’t, that is unless you work at Neiman Marcus (NM). The term is short for innovation lab; but what exactly do you think NM is innovating? Everything. Retailers have become laser focused on the in-store experience as a way of maintaining a competitive advantage over e-commerce, and are becoming increasingly concerned with the connection between their store's physical and digital realms. While all of this is important, how robust a company's supply chain is often is the greatest determinant of a companies success and, in the retail world, the…

The Fully Automated Manufacturer

Ever heard of the company Voodoo Manufacturing? It's a Brooklyn based start up staffed almost entirely by robots. The company claims it can create any image or design and mass produce it without the need for human assistance. The company is a prototype for the future of small parts manufacturing and has built an operations formula that is likely to last.