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Costco: The Retailer That Could

There has been a lot of about the current “retail apocalypse” and while there is data for and against this idea, one retailer who has been undeniably powering through these times is Costco. Check out this article highlighting what Costco is doing right, and what changes they are making!

Big Oil Buys into Electrification

It is definitely interesting when you see one of the largest oil companies investing in the success of electric vehicles. While European emission regulation has sped up the continent's adoption of pure electric vehicles, this news shows a shift that will soon affect the U.S. as well.

Food Waste to Energy

As a transportation and materials management company, we are keenly iterated in the lifecycle of goods and materials. Where do the source materials come from? What happening when the final product is disposed of? Both areas generally present significant opportunities for improvement, as the food industry will soon realize. Harvesting methane from food waste could be a financially viable solution.

Tesla: Growing Pains of a Future Focused Company

Tesla’s Model 3 has been stuck in “Manufacturing Hell” according to CEO Elon Musk. Currently, the company is trying to reinvent how their vehicles are being assembled, and are planning to turn the entire factory into one giant machine. With the company very overextended at the moment, many critics are pointing to the new Chevy Bolt as a viable Model 3 alternative.

GM Focuses on Advancing Fuel Cell Technology

While most of the commercial world has been concentrating on the adoption of electric motors with batteries, GM and Honda have been pursuing a different direction since 2013.  The companies believe Fuel Cells are a better alternative and now GM has a military prototype to prove it.

Walmart Turns to AI to Serve You Better

Walmart and other retailers alike are learning if they want to compete with Amazon, they have to be more like Amazon. One area in which Amazon has excelled for such a long time is their use of data to enhance the customer experience - Now Walmart has started doing the same thing.