How It Benefits You

A streamlined supply chain results in higher quality, lower cost, more efficient delivery, improved market share and lower business risk.

Reengineered Processes, Bottom Line Savings

A leading manufacturer of semi-trailers asked Supply Chain Solutions to help reduce inventory, reduce inbound material handling, get raw material closer to the assembly work, and help prevent stock outs, premium freight, and lost sales of their highly customizable products.

SCS developed a value stream map to help the organization visualize and form the basis of a process reengineering and implementation plan. It also showed the linkage, or lack of, between information and material flow. SCS was able to help identify:

  • Too much inventory ($25 million)
  • Too many storage locations (19)
  • Lack of visibility to inbound material
  • Redundant manual processes
  • Raw material located too far from demand (2.5 million in excess transit time).

By recommending an inbound metering center, adding tools to provide in-transit visibility, improving inventory management and improving service to the plants, we helped implement annual bottom line savings of 12%, totaling $11 million in manufacturing and productivity improvements.

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Less Inventory, Agile Supply Chain

SCS recently helped a Fortune 1000 develop a leaner, more agile supply chain solution by creating a web portal to clearly communicate material demands globally. The best-in-class interactive portal manages tens of thousands of order demands around the world while also communicating to all the client’s trading partners, internal purchasing managers as well as plants and management on order and receiving status.

The new tool has reduced inventory, reduced safety stock levels and lowered expenses by more than $10 million. Moreover, the supply base is now measured on performance.

Further enhancements are planned to use the tool as a payables engine and integrate with the inventory and inbound transportation systems.

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Lean Network, Freed Up Cash

For several years, a manufacturer of high-performance polymers and plastics endured rising operational costs while the market for its products became highly unpredictable. Given fluctuations in demand, our client turned to SCS to develop a supply chain strategy that provided for better management of warehousing and distribution—and allowed them to shed underutilized assets.

SCS re-designed and re-sized the company’s North American network to meet their new business strategy, reducing distribution locations from nine to three and saving the client $22 million. We also reconfigured the remaining three locations to accommodate the new business plan.

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