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Major Risks That Most Supply Chains Face

Your risk of a serious supplier event (SSE) may be higher than you think according to a new report. A survey of 88 companies found 33% had an SSE within the past 18 months. Even more surprising was the primary reason: Unknown supplier financial health problems.

Nike Wants a Faster Pipeline and Shorter Lead Times

Nike, like most companies, is on a mission to increase sales, but unlike most companies, Nike’s new plan may distance itself from its core followers. The company is looking to drastically reduce lead times in an effort to increase its launch rate of new sneakers. Now the question is, will the company maintain its luxury status in the process?

Volvo’s First American Plant Just Got Bigger

In case you missed it, Volvo has been doing pretty well since Li Shufu’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group purchased them from Ford back in 2010. In recent news, the company announced they are building their first ever US manufacturing plant, and just this week doubled their investment in the project.

Rail Sees Revenue Opportunity and Lengthens Trains

As truck rates have been rising, shippers have frequently been turning to the rail industry, which to maintain lower rates and higher capacity, have started to drastically increase the length of their trains; in some cases topping over 3 miles! The new trend has some concerned about safety.

The Greenest City in the U.S.

Did you know that Chicago has the most LEED/energy star certified office buildings in the U.S.? They have achieved an astonishing 66% adoption of the programs! Way to go Chicago!

10 Retailers That Might Not Make It to 2018

Every year, more retailers are threatened by the increased pressure of the e-commerce world. Brick and Mortar stores have many advantages over e-tailers, yet nowadays, if retailers don't invest in their supply chain, they shouldn't expect to last very long. Here is a list of 10 retailers who may not make it to year end.

Will Amazon Move into South Korea Next?

South Korea is no stranger to the Amazon effect, as their economy is already dominated by large multinational corporations such as Samsung, yet that doesn’t stop many from being concerned of Amazon’s potential move into Asia's 3rd largest economy.